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Thursday, February 11, 2010

~~nanarahman shop~~

nak introduce nanarahman shop..i have variety of crafting tools and would like to share with u..interested??? email me yaaa....

a) flower button
b) zip
c) D-ring
d) variety of button
e) wood with key-chain
d) big magnet (6 pieces) @ small magnet (15 pieces) ~~(for fridge magnet)
f) designed felt
g) Pine wood stick (for bookmark)


ejdeejasmi said...

nak tnya variety button,design felt dan pine wood tu bape

nAnA rAhMaN said... reger.

a)pine wood 12pieces=rm3.00
c)button=pilih per design ko nak,can mix;8pices =rm5 exp teko 1pieces rm 1.50